About Us

Our Company

Illinois Gate Solutions was started when we found limited choices in gate design, installers, and new technology. Being in the fabrication and trucking industry we knew the abuse commercial gates take daily. We set out to build the best access system possible for our own facilities after dealing with previous contractor’s inadequate designs and unreliable systems.

After receiving many inquiries from our own vendors and customers, Illinois Gate Solutions was started. We know what it’s like to have a poorly designed access system.

Many factors such as weather, usage, and site conditions are often unaccounted for during the design phase. Our goal was to offer the best service, best products, and best solutions to our customers.

What Makes us Different

  • In house design and fabrication
  • 24hr Emergency Service
  • Onsite welding and repairs
  • New Technology

We know there are other choices when it comes to planning your next project or filling your service-related needs. Let us show you what sets Illinois Gate Solutions apart from the rest.

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