Steel Bollard Posts

Steel Bollard Posts

Applications for Bollards
Bollards - Security and SafeguardsBollards are becoming a common sight in contemporary architecture. They are used by planners and architects to control both automobile and pedestrian traffic, improve the landscape and architecture, illuminate pedestrian walkways, secure and safeguard individuals and buildings, and offer bike parking. For asset security, savvy facilities managers are moving them inside into factories, big-box stores, and warehouses.

Traffic and Landscaping Visual Aids
Street Bollards or a Traffic Lane
In order to direct traffic toward the right places while maintaining good sightlines and permitting pedestrian access, traffic bollards are utilized. They direct traffic by drawing lines on the road, or they bar passage to places that are off-limits, such bike lanes, public spaces, and traffic islands. They can be applied to prevent cars from leaving the road on roads without curbs. To stop cars from attempting to evade other traffic control components, they are occasionally used in conjunction with other traffic calming techniques, such as speed bumps or one-way streets. These types of architectural bollards are most frequently employed in public areas.

Walking Bollards
Defined pedestrian spaces are created by ornamental bollards in various landscapes and buildings. They can serve to define the perimeter of a structure and provide visual interest. Additionally, perimeters can be built around a playground or park, giving simple access but discouraging through traffic. Bollards can help people stay on designated pathways by being chained together so that they do not form a closed barrier that forbids any crossing. Nighttime pedestrian walkways are illuminated by lighted versions. Since each solar-powered lighting bollard operates independently and requires very little maintenance, they are increasingly being employed as lighting bollards. The variety of choices is highlighted in our gallery of landscape bollards.

Building Bollards
Temporary posts are frequently erected to delineate and secure the work area from traffic in areas where roads are being constructed. The majority of the time, these delimiters are detachable rubber bases supported by flexible brightly colored plastic that is ringed with reflective tape. To provide incoming cars a constant optical edge, they are often close together.

Separate Lanes for Bikes
Separated bike lanes provide riders with safety and ease vehicle tension. They encourage more people to ride bicycles. However, weak delimiters are frequently torn off after being ran over, leaving riders exposed. Emergency vehicles may not be able to get to the curb if there are rigid barriers. A preferable option is sturdy, flexible bollards manufactured of polyurethane. Look at your possibilities for parking spaces, lane delimiters, and sturdy flexible bollards for bike lanes.

Security Barricades
Security bollards are designed to withstand vehicle impact in addition to serving as visual aids for people and cars. These can be embellished with a nice finish or a cover but are frequently built of steel and filled with concrete. A robust bollard installed incorrectly will provide minimal resistance; in general, the local substrate and installation are crucial components of impact resistance. Therefore, engineering oversight is crucial. Additionally, various applications will require varied levels of impact resistance.  Investigate your security choices.

Safeguarding Individuals
Security bollards may be useful in settings like playgrounds next to parking lots, parks next to sweeping curves in the road, and outdoor patios next to busy roads to help avoid accidents from turning tragic. The breadth of steel-and-concrete should be suited to the vehicle speeds and the separation between the pedestrian zone and the roadway. Typically, they include sleeves or coverings to prevent corrosion and provide aesthetic appeal. Examine the available bollard covers.

Safeguarding Delicate Construction Components
To reduce damage in the case of an accident, safety bollards are frequently placed in front of weak building components. They are frequently specified with recommended steel pipe sizes to be filled with concrete since they are typically not built with the assumption that there would be a deliberate attack on them. Some jurisdictions mandate the installation of security bollards in vivid colors as barrier posts near susceptible gas or water meters. In order to prevent accidents, they are frequently positioned in front of weak or historic architectural aspects that are close to traffic. They are not utilized in locations that are vulnerable to assault. View the assortment of safety bollards in vivid hues.

Ram-raiding is a type of “smash-and-grab” burglary in which a large truck is driven into the windows or doors of a closed business in order to quickly steal a large number of expensive objects. An inexpensive solution for these areas to guard against the danger of ram-raiding is using security bollards.

Ram-raiding bollards, in contrast to solely aesthetic installations that visually separate pedestrian sections in retail locations, are intended to barricade access for vehicles to the storefront. However, as ram-raid protection is typically a feature of a retail area, they are frequently given attractive ornamental coverings, making them less of an eyesore in terms of architecture. Our specialists will guide you in selecting the best ram-raid bollard for your location.

Deterring Terrorism
Governmental organizations grew more interested in creating systems to “target harden” structures that may be threatened by criminal or terrorist assault after the Oklahoma bombing and the 9/11 attacks. Some of this job is accomplished by bollards while avoiding the oppressive, bunker-like environment. Although the ASTM crash rating has now supplanted the original crash test method created by the State Department, it is still sometimes referred to as the “K-Rating.” Both grading systems are intended to assess the collision penetration of various vehicles traveling at various speeds. In order to combat terrorism at its maximum degree, bollards are made to resist many waves of vehicular attack. View our selection of crash-rated, anti-terrorist bollards.

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