Automatic Gates

How Businesses Benefit from Automatic Gates

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1. Heighten Property Security
Keeping personnel, visitors, and company assets protected should be a top priority for business owners. Installing an automatic gate is a great way to deter potential threats. Many systems operate with keypad access control, which means only people granted codes can enter the parking lot and building. You won’t have to worry about employees’ keys getting lost or stolen and ending up in the wrong hands, putting everyone’s safety at risk. Key cards can also be deactivated if needed. The barriers can be opened and closed remotely, adding an extra layer of security.

2. Reduce Company Overhead Costs
From utilities to insurance coverage and advertising, there are a variety of expenses associated with owning a business. Investing in an automatic gate can save money on security, insurance costs in some cases, as well as deter- ring would be thieves. Only people granted access to the property can enter, so you won’t have to pay a security company for 24-hour, onsite surveillance and monitoring. Beyond keyless entry, gates can also be outfitted with barbed wire and anti-climb spikes to make the property completely impenetrable. In high traffic

3. Increase Property Value
If you ever decide to relocate operations, investing in an automatic gate will make your commercial building more appealing to potential buyers. They will appreciate the measures taken to reduce the likelihood of vandalism, burglary, and additional threats. Many people are willing to pay more for commercial properties with existing security features, as it means they won’t have to cover the cost of investing in them later.


Automatic Gate for Residential Properties

1. Heighten Home Security
Home invasions are often crimes of opportunity. If it appears that you aren’t taking security measures, then you could be targeted. But if you are clearly taking home security precautions, then a would-be intruder will likely look for someone else to rob. Having this barrier between your home and the general public affords you more peace of mind.

2. Keep Kids and Pets Safely in the Yard
An automatic driveway gate can be linked up with your existing fencing to form an unbroken barrier around your property. This will give your children and dogs more room to run around without the risk of them leaving the yard.

3. Increase Property Value
As a gate really adds to the aesthetic attractiveness of your house, you can be sure that placing an automatic gate system will increase your property value. should you need to sell your home, having an automatic gate could be a plus as a result of the new homeowners won’t need to worry regarding the safety and security of the property. Moreover, whether you decide on a sliding gate or a swing gate, an automatic gate system provides convenience and makes your property aesthetically appealing.

4. Deter Solicitors
If you’d rather not be bothered by folks who are going door-to-door in your neighborhood, and your No Soliciting sign isn’t doing the trick, then you could turn to an automatic driveway gate to keep away unwanted guests